Shamanic Priestess.

Energy Worker.

Spiritual Embodiment Practitioner.

As Shamanic Priestess, Holistic Healer & Energy Intuitive, Stephanie holds sacred ceremonial space and connects and works with energy of all things to bring souls back to harmony and reconnect you to your soul’s essence by bringing your energetic body back to harmony with your natural vibration using Shamanic Intuitive Energy Healing Journey Sessions.

Individual/group events and offerings are offered virtually and in-person.

Events & Offerings.

Spiritual Healing Energy Sessions

Everything is Energy. Every thought, action, person, animal, and place has a vibrational frequency and when we are not resonating with our own innate frequency, and that of our surroundings, we become dissonant. Our naturally healthy state of frequency can become a frequency that vibrates without harmony, because past experiences, day-day events that come up or even events from past-lives; eventually creating illness or symptoms arising in our lives that let us know something is out of harmony and needs to be addressed.

Intention+ Focus+ Belief = Healing

Incorporating natural modalities such as:

  • Reiki

  • Sound Healing

  • Subconscious Reprogramming

  • Crystal and Gem Therapy

  • Bach and other Flower Essences

  • Oracle Readings & Guidance

These divine healing tools and practices, practiced for lifetimes, are more powerful than most people realize. They operate on a mental, psychological and energetic level by helping to assist in bringing your energetic body back to harmony with your natural vibration and helping you to reconnect to your soul’s essence where the healing of emotional pain and scars, limited beliefs become much easier to access.  As a result, Release of fear, grief, loneliness, depression, old stagnant emotions and beliefs are achieved and clarity and solutions Received.

Experience more grounded and empowered state of well-being, and be able to more efficiently deal with your day-to-day life experiences.

Group Healing Shamanic Journey’s.

Every Month, we’ll meet twice a month during New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies. We’ll connect and Create Space to Celebrate through Sacred Yoga Movement, working with Medicine Spirit that wants to come through and Assist (Plant, Crystal, and other Allies) and then Journey with The Medicine of Sound as a Vehicle to further Assist in Shamanic Journey.

It's a Great time to Connect together with other Beautiful StarSeeds and LightWorkers that need some R&R and Intentionally Clear their Energetic Bodies, and prepare themselves for the mentorship that the current season has for the weeks ahead!


  • Yoga

  • Meditative practices

  • Sound Healing

Workshops & Programs

Interested in learning how to activate your own relationship with your and incorporate this into your self-care rituals and practices and life?

Yoga & Meditative Community Practice

Using Yoga & Movement to help move stuck energy in the body, we warm up through various asanas (postures), and eventually build up to release to a more calming and grounded state in order to prepare for meditation.

•Buti Yoga

•Yoga Flow

Incorporatign dynamic Movement, core strength, strength and conditioning and primal dance.

Divine Cosmic Shoppe.

We offer crystals, magick, oils and all things for magical beings !

Our items and products are tools and Allies, from the earth and stars that help to anchor more grounded and empowered state of well-being, elevating your self-care practices and making them more tangible and accessible to you!

Helping to assist in bringing your energetic body back to harmony with your natural vibration and helping you to reconnect to your soul’s essence!

|Intuitive & Shamanic Journey’s|

A Sacred Space to bring you back in Harmony with your Highest Truth.

Location, Hours, & Contact:

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays

  • Private Sessions by Appointment (Zoom or In-Person)

  • Group Sessions and Practices (see schedules above)

Email us at

Phone: 202-930-2189


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