If You Experience 

Vivid Dreams or Flashbacks,

Strong Emotional Connections to certain historical periods, locations, or cultures without any apparent reason.


Unexplained Phobias or Fears

DΓ©jΓ  Vu Experiences

Have Talents or Skills
that come easily to you


You could have a past-life that is coming through in this lifetime for you  to be able to pull information from and use in your life today.

Do you notice how certain cultures, and teachers or Beings well-known in time, like
 Lord Ganesha in Hindu culture,
Christ Consciousness,
Kuan Yin or even Egyptian snd Greek Deities have a Soul Resonance with you?

You have a whole Team of Spirit Guides and Allies, along with Your Higher Self, in the Spirit Realm just waiting to work with you whom you can trust on your Spiritual Journey of Awakening and Ascencion 🫢

You're Always being led by Spirit and a team of Guides from this lifetime and many lifetimes before, different dimensions and Star systems.
You just might've not paid close attention β™‘


How Do I know I have a Connection to Spirit Realms Waiting For Me to Access?

You Have
Vivid Dreams or Flashbacks:
Some people report could be memories from another time or place.

Strong Emotional Connections or reactions to certain historical periods, locations, or cultures without any apparent reason is sign of memories in your body calling out to you rediscover wisdom and experience you carry.

Unexplained Phobias or Fears that seem irrational in your current life could be linked to traumatic events in a past life.

DΓ©jΓ  Vu Experiences where you feel like you've been somewhere or experienced something before, could be interpreted as a glimpse into a past life.

Talents or Skills that you haven't learned in your current lifetime could suggest that you acquired them in a past life and you have brought them forward here with you now.

Learning to Walk Between Worlds of Spirit and Your Daily life in the 3D, is the basis of any Energetic work and Spiritual Journey, especially when you first begin working in the realms of Spirit for healing, guidance, and discovering why you are here. ✨️

Begin to Connect to Your Spirit Team 

Whether you've been feeling the Call to be a Light Worker, Energy Healer, maybe you resonate with Oracle, Medicine Woman Archetype;
or want to increase quality of your life with more meaning, purpose, and have deeper connection to life and yet you don’t know how to navigate working in this area of connecting with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self...


You want clairity and want to feel safe in confidently exploring this area that not many people talk about or has been kept hidden...


It's time to open the doors of different planes of Allies and support available to you.

In this 2 Part Training Series,

Λšβ‚Šβ€§κ’°αƒ β™‘ ΰ»’κ’± β€§β‚ŠΛš

Part 1:  You will receive the Codes for:

  • β€’ Setting The Container & Foundations: the 3 planes and States of Consciousness Through Shamanic Perspective

  • β€’ Art of Ceremony & Ritual: Preparation for The Journey

  • β€’Navigating Spirit Realms: Through Felt-Experience

  • β€’Connecting to Spirit Guides:  Open Up to Meeting New Friends

  • β€’ Keeping Yourself in Harmonious Integrity: Keys to Stay Walking-in Between Worlds

  • Welcome to Part 2 for:

    Spirit Guided Journey:
    Embodiment Practice + Intention


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